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Only the Good Die Young
by Billy Joel







"Only the Good Die Young" by Billy Joel

[F]Come out Virginia, [C]don't let me me [Am]wait
You [F]Catholic girls start [G]much too [C]late
But [F]sooner or later it [C]comes down to [Am]fate
I [F]might as well be the [G]one

They [F]showed you a statue and [C]told you to [Am]pray
They [F]built you a temple and [G]locked you a[C]way
But [F]they never told you the [C]price that you [Am]pay
For [F]things that you might have [G]done.....

For [G]only the good die [C]young [F]that's what I [G]said
Only the [C]good die young [F]only the [G]good die [C]young

[C]You might have [F]heard I run with a [C]dangerous [Am]crowd
We [F]ain't too pretty we [G]ain't too [C]proud
We [F]might be laughing a [G]bit too [Am]loud
But [F]that never hurt no [G]one

[G]So [F]come on Virginia [C]show me a [Am]sign
[F]Send up a signal I'll [G]throw you the [C]line
The [F]stained-glass curtain you're [C]hiding be[Am]hind
[F]Never lets in the [G]sun

[G]Darlin' [G]only the good die [C]young [F]whoa - [G]oh
Only the [C]good die [F]young only the [G]good die [C]young

[C]You got a [G]nice white dress [F]and a party on your confir[C]mation
[C]You got a [D]brand new soul [D]nd a [F]cross of gold
[F]But Vir[G]ginia they didn't give you [F]quite enough infor[C]mation
[C]You didn't [D]count on me [D]when you were counting on your [F]rosary

[C]Oh [Dm]oh [C]oh [G]And they

[F]Say there's a heaven for [C]those who will [Am]wait
[F]Some say it's better but [G]I say it [C]ain't
I'd rather [F]laugh with the sinners than [G]cry with the [Am]saints
The [F]sinners are much more [G]fun...

For [G]only the good die [C]young [F]that's what I [G]say
Only the [C]good die young [F]only the [G]good die [C]young

[G] [F] [C] [C] [D] [D] [F]

[F]You say your [G]mother told you all that I could
[F]Give you was a reputa[C]tion
[C]She never [D]cared for [D]me but did she ever [F]say a prayer for me?
[C]Oh [Dm]oh [C]oh [G]come out , come out

[F]Come out Virginia, [C]don't let me me [Am]wait
You [F]Catholic girls start [G]much too [C]late
But [F]sooner or later it [C]comes down to [Am]fate
I [F]might as well be the [G]one

For [G]only the good die [C]young [F]that's what I [G]say
Only the [C]good die young [F]only the [G]good die [C]young

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow
by Israel Kamakawiwo Ole

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